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Based in Stopsley and covering the surrounding areas.

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”
Orhan Pamuk


Dogs/puppies have been a huge part of my life, ever since pre school age there's been dogs in my house. Lassie, Tess, Barney, Milo, Rufus and Loki. All very different, all very special and all a big part of the family. 

Luckily for me, for around half of my life now, I've also had the opportunity to work with dogs on a daily basis.

Actually, this isn't work for me, it's simply what I do and enjoy. I help a variety of breeds from the well behaved to the most behaviourally challenged dog.

I also have a dog walking timetable scheduled each day for groups of dogs, that are carefully introduced to each other, so they have the best, fun, countryside walks.

Being surrounded by dogs on a daily basis is a rewarding, continual development journey for me. I'm always learning and improving, helping as many dogs as I can along the way.

What I do...

Social integration for the less sociable hound, a common behavioural issue that can be focused on with a set of controlled walks in secure, fenced in fields to start with if required.

Group dog walks 1 hour dog walks in the beautiful Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire countryside, also in and around Stopsley, Luton.

I dog walk between 2-6 dogs, for when you need a trusted person to help with socialisation and exercise.

Behaviour work I deliver consultations and direct, in the moment, reward based support for dogs requiring 1:1 bespoke dog training.

With the years of experience I have, I'll put together a measured, layered support plan to tackle the challenges you are facing.

Based in Stopsley, Luton, Bedfordshire but also travel further away including the Hertfordshire region.

Drop me a message or call 07958696800 for further information or queries. Thanks.

"Catch as many positive moments as you can, rather than focus on the negative.

By rewarding more of what your puppy or dog is doing right, there's a lot less chance they'll be doing something wrong."

Chris Dehnert




Look Who's Walking Dog Walking Services

Our group walks are carefully chosen to be in places close to where you live and with similar energy levels of dogs.

They're safe, fun walks while also varying the routes to be fun for your dogs all the time!

Groups of 3-6. 1 hour walks.

60 min: 1 dog £13, 2 dogs £20, 3 dogs £25, 4 dogs £30

  • Socialisation. We can use a secure, quiet area for any dogs that need careful introduction to other dogs.

  • A great way to introduce dogs in a controlled environment.

  • 30 mins or 60 mins sessions.

30 min: £15| 60 min: £30

*plus field hire approximately £10


*House Training



*Lead training


*Anxiety (including fear/separation)

*Aggression (and the various stages including social/fear)

*Uncontrollable barking

*Jumping up



30 min: £30| 60 min: £55

90 min: £75| 120 min: £100




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“I think everyone is the same when it comes to trusting someone else with your dogs, so this was a big thing for us. All I can say is I'm glad we found Chris, because he's been an absolute godsend for us and the boys.

— Andy & Becs


“Blown away by Chris' passion for dogs and how he helps them. Infact he's helped us more really, that's what we feel. More confident and understand better how to tackle the challenges we have. Already seeing big improvements. Thank you. ”

— Anna